Our Satisfied Clients 

I joined The Edge right after college. My resume was barely a page long, and I had no idea where to start. I felt like my limited work experience would work against me. The coach that I have at The Edge has been phenomenal. We rebuilt my resume, and he coached me on how to best discuss my experiences with an interviewer. We built out my stories using the 6-Pillar strategy, and I was floored by how much more impactful I was able to have during one of our several mock interviews. My Gallup Strengths Coach helped me see what I was naturally good at and how to discuss those talents in a concise and efficient way. I not only got the job, but started my career on the right foot with my future boss.
~Ryan F.

The Edge was awesome. I had been working for two years and was looking for a promotion within my company. I had interviewed three times and gotten turned down each time. I went online to see what type of information was available and all I saw was online courses, videos, and books. Then I found The Edge. Christy and her team completely retrained me on how to emphasize specific experiences on my resume, go into an interview fully prepared and confident to not only get a job but completely eliminate the competition. I’ve been promoted twice since joining The Edge and still have sessions left over. I couldn’t give a stronger recommendation if I wanted to.
~Christopher H.

During the Covid-19 crisis, I was laid off and didn’t really know what to do. Very few companies were hiring, and the interviews that I did get were completely crowded. I didn’t feel like there was any way for me to stand out. When I learned about Christy and her team, I decided to invest in myself. I will never make a better investment. My confidence soared, my interviews were much less stressful, and within a few weeks I was able to communicate my experiences with confidence and ease. I’m back to work and enjoying my professional life much more due to the The Edge. If you want to get back to work, I totally recommend joining. #GoEdgeInterviewTraining
~Melissa Y.

LaKendra W.