• Attire

    Won't win you the job, but could cost you the job.

  • Resume Preparation

    Today's recruiters are looking for equal parts qualifications and resume format.

  • Building The Story

    What do recruiters want to know about the candidate. 

  • Telling The Story

    We ensure the candidate has composed, changed, learned, changed again and memorizes the story. 

  • Putting It All Together

    The art of PROFILING.


  • A.B.C.

    Always be closing. Learn how to close, appropriately for the next step or for the job. 

Career Prep Coaching

EDGE coaches will develop our Career Prep clients to excel in the following areas:

  • Our certified Gallup CliftonStrengths coach will personally help identify natural areas of strength and how to use them in a professional setting.
  • Our EDGE coaches will put together a personalized coaching plan for each client based on their client background examination and personal history.
  • EDGE interview prep consists of 6 sessions (more if needed) to help our clients identify experiences that are attractive to employers based on extensive market research.
  • Mock Interviews, practice sessions, and drills are included in the six sessions to build confidence and ensure that communication skills are sharpened and perfected.
  • Outside work will be required of our clients to self-examine their life experiences and how their successes and challenges are communicated during an interview.
  • Video baseline interview, followed by the EDGE six pillar sessions, practice, followed by an exit interview and certification by EDGE coaches.
  • A total of approximately 25 hours of live or virtual interactions as well as the client based work is a good guide on the time commitment needed to become EDGE certified.